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What's The Go..

A small scale idea to capitalise on an already weekly chore of mine. The true reason is to share the wealth by provide at least a few of you the option of drinking the very best water that's available in world! The very best water we can drink is fresh spring water straight from mother earth, full of minerals and goodness. 

Recently I have moved to the Logan area after living for years on a property that was on spring water.. the most delicious spring water I've ever tasted! Since moving I still return to the property in the Northern Rivers on a weekly basis to fill my drinking water bottles up for the week. "Yeah but why not just get a bigger container and do the journey once every few months?" Well this is because this particular water contains properties that can be lost if not consumed fresh. I feel both more hydrated and energised when drinking this water fresh and on a personal note; a fulfilling feeling and reassurance that I collected it right from the source, as fresh and untouched as can be. Just as mother nature intended.


In a nutshell I just want to make the most of the trip, cover the costs all while feeling I'm doing something conscious and genuine for my fellow neighbour.

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