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15l cooler. Get multiple& save

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Fresh spring water is delivered to your door step once a week. Simply leave your empty water containers on the door step and we'll swap them for a fresh full ones.


This is the 15l water container your fresh spring water will be delivered in. You can get multiple delivered if you need more.

We run a weekly swap system where you leave your empty container out on your collection day and we swap it for a fresh full one.

Our aim to provide you and your family a healthy natural alternative to chemically filled town water.



Stoney River

check availability 

First check we deliver to your area before signing up. Once happy you can begin signing up, here you'll let us know how many water containers you'd like delivered each week. Each container is 15l and we offer discounts if you get multiple.

how it works

You'll pay a one off joining fee which will secure your spot and a water container. Then a weekly subscription will be established. Your first delivery will come on the next run after signing up and after that all you need to do is remember to put the empty out each week so we can swap it for a fresh one! We can send you a weekly reminder if you'd like.

delivered weekly

Your water will be delivered to your doorstep on the same day each week. All you need to do is place your empty container/s out so we can swap them for a fresh full ones. We will let you know your collection day in your welcome email.

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